Painting Services 

for Your House or Business

Edmonton Painters

Drab paint job got you down? Enliven your interior or add excitement to your exterior with a splash of paint from International Painting & Drywall Ltd. We’re based in Edmonton and we serve clients throughout the city and the surrounding areas. We work on a range of facilities and projects, including:

New constructions

Apartment buildings

Long-term care facilities

Home renovations

Commercial buildings

A fresh coat of paint is a quick way to give your house an entirely different look. Green or red can give a room a bold, lively atmosphere, while soft blue or mild yellow can create a calming environment. Beige or off-white can create a neutral backdrop for your colourful furniture and artwork. At International Painting & Drywall Ltd in Edmonton, we’ll help you select the perfect hue for whatever look you’re hoping to achieve for both your interior and exterior.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to giving you a top-quality paint job. We use 100% acrylic paint, and our high-quality paint comes from trusted brands including:

Nearly every property can benefit from a new paint job. Contact us today to find out just how much better we can make your interior or exterior look.

Benefits of a Professional Painter

Some people choose to paint their own rooms, but once you hire professional painters, you’ll never look back! We’ve got all of the necessary equipment and we can bring the paint and provide the cleanup. There will be no drips, spills or streaks. Not only will we save you time and physical labour, we’ll make sure you get the perfect paint job every time. We can paint your rooms and your exterior, giving you a beautiful home that will make the neighbours take notice.